A name is a vessel to shape and carry your brand

A well-chosen brand name will set the stage for everything that comes after it, your visual identity, your brand language, and the impression you make on the people who hear it. 

It is the first thing a customer will learn about your company and the element of your identity with the most longevity…. 

Interesting brand names lead to interesting brand identities

Getting it right, and ensuring it is memorable and interesting will allow you to develop a brand identity with potential.

Get it wrong and you are trapped in mediocracy.

The act of branding is to go through a thought process of how you want your company to be perceived...

In order for brands to be understood by the people they're trying to attract, their identities need to be developed once strategic questions have been asked, audiences are understood, and desired perceptions are articulated.

...and then taking the steps to create that perception.

Brand strategy is a springboard for developing visual identity, and visual identity is your strategy made visible.

When executed well, it is an opportunity for business owners to influence the impressions they wish to make on their audiences.

Brands are built from the inside out…

There are no shortcuts.

Your brand should be considered and authentic, and built on beliefs and values. Your competition is global, your audience is selective.

If you don't position yourself, someone else will do it for you.

...and experienced from the outside in….

Your brand identity will elicit an immediate emotional response from the consumer before a deeper rational thinking process takes place.

In this way, a strategic and well-planned approach to your branding will help shift the audience response from the rational to the emotional.

Who I work with


You're starting a new business and looking for naming and branding to stake your position in the marketplace.

You want to launch your brand from a foundation of strategy and clarity into the hearts and minds of those who need to see it.


You've been in business for one to three years, growing a team and earning a great reputation. Your foundation is solid and the future looks bright.

You are ready to invest in a brand identity that reflects the business you have evolved into, to propel your business forward.


You've been in business for several years and your old branding no longer reflects the business you run.

Your current brand identity may be tired, inconsistent or simply does not stand up to the competition. It's time for an entirely new direction.

Meet your brand partner...

Hello I’m Ben. I'm a trained graphic designer and brand strategist. I love writing and naming, and these are the reasons why I started The Identity Bureau.

I like to write short stories and micro fiction which, along with branding and naming news, you can read in my monthly newsletter 'Notes from the Bureau'.

I like films, especially horror films (well, the good ones anyway...) I collect vintage movie posters, and recently spent considerable time sourcing an original poster for the Steven Spielberg film 'Duel'.

Other things that please me are: mountain biking, bike packing, decent coffee, the actor Harry Dean Stanton, To Do lists, old cars, obedient Labradors and things that are engineered with function and longevity in mind like certain German watches and handmade Dutch coffee machines...

What to expect when you work with me:

Get in touch
If you have a project at heart, and a budget in mind, drop me a line here and tell me about it.

I'll send you some info about what to expect when you work with me, outlining my processes, deliverables and a guide to prices.
Discovery Call
If you like what you see, and it makes sense for you to do so, we can schedule a Discovery Call over the phone or online.

A Discovery Call is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves and to find out some more about your business, the scope of your project and the budget you're looking to work with.
Project Proposals
If the fit seems right, and we're on the same page in terms of budgets and timeframes, I'll send a project proposal.
Working together to bring your vision to reality.

Stefanie Cook

Workwell International

“Ben delivered on our brief perfectly, preserving the highly recognised identity that our brand is so well known for, while combining it tastefully with our new parent company brand. It is working exactly as we had hoped”.

Nick Pauley

Auto Classica

"The new brand identity design has been exceptionally well-received... Ben's researched-focussed approach got to the root of the issues... delivering what the business truly needed, not just what we thought we wanted".

Louise Burmeister

Canine Genetics Centre

“We had a requirement to rebrand the Canine Genetics Centre... Ben worked to produce something memorable and vibrant, that has been extremely well received. Our new identity not only differentiates us from our peers but reflects our passion for dogs and the work we do".

Michelle Reilly

Michelle Reilly

6 CATS International

“How lucky were we to find Ben? The reaction to our rebrand was extraordinary...  We have had so much positive feedback”.

Alex Pietrasiuk

Kinline CPAs

"By the end of the project, we had an accounting firm brand that we could not be more proud of… Ben could not have been easier to work with".

Jim Clark


“Ben was a pleasure to work with… A year later, we are still getting compliments about our logo and website. Ben took a personal approach and we felt like more than just a client".

Jordan French

Jordan French

St. George Property Group

"We instantly liked Ben and his approach to our goal. He explained everything clearly and ... the finished product was everything and more than what we could have imagined".

Wendy Walton

Wendy Walton Executive Coaching

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ben. He explained things clearly and listened carefully to what I wanted as well as managing expectations. He challenged my thinking but also listened to my feedback. My clients really like my new branding and website".

Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Accounting Influencers Roundtable

"Quality design work and insightful insights on brand strategy for professional firms. Ben Stanbury is extremely professional, responsive and great to work with!".

Are you looking to develop your brand? Here are 3 ways I can help your business today...

Download my free guide to brand naming.

The guide to brand naming contains tips and exercise to help you generate interesting and memorable brand names for your business.  

Use it to help inspire ideas and find inspiration before you begin the process of name generation.

The guide will show you exercise you can use to generate brand names at volume, how to shortlist brand names based on certain criteria, and how to present brand names to your colleagues.

Essential reading for those who want a brand name that really inspires...
Download Guide

Book a one-on-one video workshop with me for £149.

Let's write your naming brief together. We will discuss how you can develop a perfect brand name for your business while keeping your audience and your point of difference firmly in mind.

I will show you:
What makes a good (and bad) brand name
How to develop a naming brief
Tips and exercises for brand name generation
The criteria I use to evaluate brand names
How (and when) to chose a domain name
How to present brand name ideas to colleagues
Book a naming workshop

Hire me to develop your brand.

You're ready to invest in your brand to launch, grow or re-focus your business.

Hire me to conduct a brand strategy workshop, develop your brand name or design a stand-out brand identity that piques the interest of the audience you're trying to attract.

We'll get to the core of your business to understand what drives you and makes your businesses meaningfully different.

Contact me to kick off a Discovery Call, the first step to creating the brand you've been dreaming of.  
Tell me about your project

Have a project in mind? 

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Your name and logo are the elements of your identity with the most longevity, outlasting marketing drives and website updates... They're your brand identity stalwarts, in it for the long term...

Ben Stanbury