One-to-one Naming and Brand Workshops

One-to-one Naming Workshop

Book this hour long workshop with me and I will show you: 

What makes a good (and bad) brand name.
How to develop a naming brief with your audience in mind.
Tips and exercises for brand name generation.
The criteria I use so you can evaluate your own brand name ideas.
How (and when) to choose a domain name.
How to present brand name ideas to colleagues.

Book today to also receive: 
My ebook A Pocket Guide to Brand Naming
Brand name criteria PDF
Access to our recorded workshop for future reference

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One-to-one Brand Plan Workshop

Don't let the phrase 'Brand Strategy' intimidate you.

I call it a 'Brand plan', a conversational chat about your business, what drives you, and the kinds of people you are seeking to attract.

This one-to-one workshop will take you through twenty-five questions to help you formulate a brand plan so you can develop a brand identity confidently, that your audience will love.

Get clarity on questions such as:
Who are our customers?
Who are the competition and what do they do well?
How is our brand different to others out there?
Why should our customers care about us over the competition?
What sort of impression do we want to make on our customers?
What kind of personality will our brand have? 

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