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Creating memorable and eye-catching branding for this award-winning compliance firm.
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“How lucky were we to find Ben? The reaction to our rebrand was extraordinary... We have had so much positive feedback"
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London, UK
Creating memorable and eye-catching branding for this award-winning compliance firm.

Company Profile

6 CATS International is a worldwide supplier of contract management solutions to some of the world’s most successful recruitment agencies.

The company exists to offer fully compliant services to recruiters who are navigating complex laws and regulations in different global regions. From setting up compliant tax structures to submitting time sheets and ensuring staff get paid on time, 6 CATS offers invaluable resources via a team of dedicated care consultants who will stop at nothing to deliver unrivalled support to their clients.


Following a company divestment, 6 CATS International were looking at ways to introduce and establish their change of name to their market.

They wanted to communicate the origins of their new name – Compliance Advice and Tax Solutions (CATS) – with a simple, modern logo design that could be easily adapted to suit any of its internal and external materials. The management team also wanted to educate its staff on the importance of adhering to consistent branding practices.


I developed a new brand identity, themed heavily around the updated company name to reinforce the new name among existing customers.

The logo was designed to be scaleable to ensure it could be used effectively across all the company’s online and offline assets.

I also supplied a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. This document provided staff with instructions on how to use the company’s logo and accompanying graphics across screen and print to ensure that all collateral can be created to consistently high standards by anyone within the company.

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