Workwell International

Combining two brand identities as 6CATS International rebrands to Workwell International.
Client feedback
"Ben delivered on our brief perfectly, preserving the highly recognised identity that our brand is so well known for, while combining it tastefully with our new parent company brand. It is working exactly as we had hoped".
What we did

Logo design

Brand guidelines

International Contractor Solutions
London, UK
Combining two brand identities as 6CATS International rebrands to Workwell International.

Company Profile

Since their launch in 2016 6CATS International became a multi award-winning global leader of Contract Management Solutions. After being purchased by Workwell International in 2022, 6CATS International rebranded in early 2024 in order for both companies to combine and capitalise on their expertise.

Workwell International is the leading global brand and supplier of contractor management solutions to the world’s leading recruitment agencies. offering solutions in more than eighty countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US.


Given the excellent reputation that both Workwell International and 6CATS international had built up over the years, the challenge was to design a new logo that gave equal weight to both companies. I was required to find a way to allow the recognisable elements of each brand to remain, while combining them in an interesting and memorable way.


A brand identity that retains the identifiable elements of the original Workwell International logo (not designed by The Identity Bureau) and the logo for 6CATS International.

The logo is presented in two variations, the 'full logo' with the strapline 'Powered by 6CATS' and an icon version that can be used where space is limited, and for social media avatars.

The logos were presented with a set of brand guidelines to provide guidance and instruction to help maintain brand consistency.

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