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A new brand identity design and messaging framework to position Wendy Walton as the Executive Coach to professional service firms.
Client feedback
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ben. He explained things clearly and listened carefully to what I wanted as well as managing expectations. He challenged my thinking but also listened to my feedback. My clients really like my new branding and website".
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London, UK
A new brand identity design and messaging framework to position Wendy Walton as the Executive Coach to professional service firms.


Wendy Walton brings her 35 years of experience working at a globally renowned accountancy firm (22 years as partner) to her coaching business.

Wendy’s 22 years as a senior partner, combined with her coaching qualifications from The Henley Business School, and her completion of the Meyler Cambell ‘Mastered’ accreditation, positions her as a highly experienced and qualified coach to partners and aspiring partners in professional service firms.

Wendy’s experience as a partner allows her to be highly relatable in the eyes of her clients, and feedback frequently references the confidence she is able to build in her clients because she is able to draw upon this experience.


Wendy required a distinctive and consistent brand identity for her business that would appeal to her audience of partners, senior partners and teams within the professional service firms that she serves.

A brand strategy workshop was undertaken to gain a clear understanding of Wendy's target audience and develop the brand messaging to accompany her brand identity. Together we worked on the core values of Wendy's coaching business, her vision and mission statements and her key brand differentiators, which give a solid foundation on which to design her brand identity.


The Brand Strategy Workshop provided Wendy with the Brand Messaging Framework, detailing her key brand statements including her:

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Positioning Statement
  • Tage Line
  • Brand differentiators
  • Core Values and Beliefs 

We discussed the characteristics that Wendy's brand should demonstrate through its identity design, website design and copywriting, and created the brand identity around the findings of this foundational discussion. 

A copywriting workshop provided the copy for the ensuing website design, written specifically to portray Wendy as the 'down-to-earth' expert, capable of 'inspiring change' in her clients. The words 'inspiring' and 'change' were a reoccurring theme in the brand strategy workshops, and ultimately became the strapline for the business, a memorable and succinct distillation of the Core Values we uncovered in the workshop.

A colourful and approachable brand identity was developed design to both appeal to the target audience and put forward Wendy's authentic and honest personality. The butterfly graphic device incorporated the idea of change and transformation with the letter W (for Wendy).

A series of complementary illustrations alongside the logo device, and the humanist font 'Foco' was chosen for its friendly yet modern look at feel.

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