Canine Genetics Centre

Brand identity design for the Canine Genetics Centre at the University of Cambridge.
Client feedback
“We had a requirement to rebrand the Canine Genetics Centre and present our ’new look’ to potential funders on a relatively short timescale. Ben worked on our visual identity system to produce something memorable and vibrant, that has been extremely well received. Our new identity not only differentiates us from our peers but reflects our passion for dogs and the work we do”
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Scientific Research
Cambridge, UK
Brand identity design for the Canine Genetics Centre at the University of Cambridge.

Company Profile

The Canine Genetics Centre at the University of Cambridge is a scientific research centre that studies the genetic basis of inherited diseases in dogs, to develop DNA tests that will improve the health and welfare of dog breeds.

Led by Dr. Cathryn Mellersh, the centre is the global leader in its field, having tested the DNA of thousands of dogs. Cathryn is driven by a passion for understanding the genetic basis of inherited diseases in dogs and developing and delivering DNA tools that dog breeders and veterinary surgeons can use to reduce the prevalence of disease in future generations of dogs.


After coming to the end of their relationship with the primary funding body for the Canine Genetics Centre, a slight alteration to the name was required. This, in turn, created a need for a new brand identity design to carry the Canine Genetics Centre forward and to promote the work they undertake for dog breeders and veterinary groups around the world.


Working closely with the team I created a new logo and a suite of supporting brand elements to enable the Canine Genetics Centre to move forward confidently while presenting a cohesive and modern brand image.

A colour pallet that gives a nod to the scientific and analytical work they undertake also allows for flexibility in their marketing materials. Guidance on photographic tone-of-voice allows the department to present themselves as leaders in their field, while still being able to appeal to dog breeders.

I provided the Canine Genetics Centre with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that allow the identity system to be used cohesively and consistently across digital applications and in print.

Ben Stanbury, owner of The Identity Bureau

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